Welcome to Mommyhood!


This is Noah. He's four months old. He's taught me more about the world and myself in his short life than anyone else I know. We live in Miami, which is a super fun and interesting place to raise up kids, not without its own unique set of joys and challenges. We also have Hispanic grandparents in the mix (Cuban & Nicaraguan), which is source material for plenty of hilarity and frustration. Noah made me a momma, and he daily sets about the task of reshaping me into the woman & wife I am and the mom that he needs me to be. He makes it look pretty easy, but I find myself struggling over here pretty often! 

From the trivial and fun, "What outfit should I dress you in today?" to the horrifying, "How did you get poop on THIS?" to the more difficult, "How long and how often should I be nursing you? Which bottles are going to work for you?" I have found that parenthood comes with at least one million questions... a day. Some of the answers are really hard, some are like, "Oh, duh" and some are just plain laughable. 

Noah and I would love to invite you on our journey to answer the questions! Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we get it terribly wrong, but we always have fun along our way and would love to share that, as well as whatever we learn, with you. Here on Dumpy Diapers, you can expect to find tips and tricks I've learned on my motherhood endeavors, product reviews and recommendations for items that have saved our lives along the way, as well as posts about our day-to-day lives and debacles. 

I'm so excited to be launching this site and sharing what I've learned (which is admittedly not all that much just yet) with other mommies and moms-to-be! I hope you enjoy diaperdom. (:

Thumbnail Photo by Jessica Vilchez