Head-to-Head: Solly vs. Beluga

Thanks to one of my closest friends at church, I will confess I've become an avid babywearer. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on what I love about babywearing, and why I think you might want to try it, too. But for sake of time here, let's skip straight to the products!

Solly Baby and Beluga Baby wraps are both in the stretchy wrap category. They both have lower weight capacities, which suggests they're made for your littlest squishes and will most likely be outgrown by baby's first birthday. Even though they'll only last a year give or take, they're still a great investment, especially for the early weeks and months to hold baby close to mama, which is their preferred state until about 12 weeks when they'll start movin' and shakin'!

There are lots of other stretchy wrap brands out there that are also big names, like Moby, K'tan, etc. But living in Miami, we deal with a super hot 80+ degree situation for what feels like 50 weeks out of the year. I know many Midwestern and Southern mamas can relate! We found that the lightweight bamboo materials of the Solly and Beluga Baby wraps were much better suited to our hot & humid climate.

Solly Baby Wrap

I actually stumbled upon the Solly through a local fashion blogger who became a new mama! @ashleysixto posted a photo looking fabulous with her new babe in a Solly, and I instantly wanted to try one... and she was wearing a sweater in her picture, so I knew it couldn't be too awful heat-wise. After researching their site and watching a few YouTube videos, I committed and bought one.


  • Suuuper lightweight- neither of us felt hot or sweaty on walks around our neighborhood at all
  • Easy to wrap- Woven wraps just seemed way too daunting for this mama, so the easy-tie nature of the Solly was made for us
  • SO pretty- lots of light colors, neutrals and classic prints to keep you both cool and stylish
  • Comfy- Noah went right to sleep most times he got in the Solly, and I always felt great and strain-free lugging him around
  • Affordable- $65 may seem like a bit up front, but in the grand scheme of super expensive baby gear, this is an item you'll use and abuse again & again throughout this first year. Well worth the investment!


  • *Hard to feed in- even though Solly is a stretchy wrap, there's not a lot of give in it. Perfect for keeping your nugget feeling safe and secure while wearing! Not ideal for nursing on the go. It took so much loosening to get Noah at feeding level that I no longer felt we had a good seat or carry in order to keep moving.

Overall, the Solly Baby was such a great buy! We truly love it. I have it in the Charcoal Swiss Dot and it makes me feel classy and stylish while still mommin' at full potential.

Beluga Baby Wrap

We were turned on to the Beluga Baby, once again, through social media! Another member of the mommy blogging community (and the lady who pretty much inspired me to just charge on with this whole thing) @gracefulmommy Kari is a fellow member of a baby wearing group on Facebook and a lifestyle videographer. She needed a mama + baby team to shoot a promo for the Beluga Baby, and with all our Solly experience, I volunteered Noah and I. We were able to try out Beluga Baby for the shoot and got to keep the product, which was amazing! It's MUCH stretchier than the Solly Baby, which comes with some benefits.


  • Buttery soft fabric- the Beluga Baby has just a little extra delicious that the Solly lacks
  • Light & easy- in these features, both wraps are pretty similar, which makes them equally great for hot climates!
  • *A breeze to feed in- because it's much stretchier in nature, it is super easy to just lean forward and hoist a milk machine up into baby's mouth, rather than having to loosen the whole wrap to drop baby down. We especially love this feature!


  • A little too stretchy- Noah is just getting into his wiggle worm phase, and the Beluga has a little more give than we like. He's able to worm his arms and shoulders out when he's particularly fussy.
  • Limited runs and prints- Beluga is a fairly new company, so they have to restock often, and they don't have as many of the pretty colors and prints available as Solly. However, all those they have available are really cute and will complement any outfit.

TLDR: You can't go wrong with either the Solly Baby or the Beluga Baby wraps! Both are lightweight, comfy and easy to use, pretty and within the same price range. If you're a breastfeeding mama, I'd just slightly lean towards the Beluga, but either is amazing in its own unique ways.

Happy mommin'!

*These opinions are based on my limited and personal experience! Also, experience may vary based on your boobies. My gals are on the larger side, and thus gravity has taken a toll, which is what lead to our preferences when feeding. You may find that if you have smaller or perkier breasts, you have a different experience!