8 Gross Things Moms {or Maybe Just I} Secretly Love

Let's face it, ladies- our precious little nuggets can get pretty nasty! Baby's natural state of being is just being. Sometimes that means being covered in dirt, bodily fluids or any other number of undesirable substances. But if you're anything like me, (and I'm willing to bet you are) sometimes, you just relish in your little one's yuck-fest, thinking about the deep cleaning that awaits at bath time. Some prime examples of the dirty stuff you may just love:

1. Neck Cheese

Whether it comes from a bottle, breast, sippy cup or cow, baby is bound to have milk of some sort dribble into those yummy neck rolls of his, later to solidify into what we moms know as "Neck Cheese". If you're anything like me, you will definitely get some enjoyment out of scrubbing it away from all those extra chins during bath time. Just don't smell it.


2. Lint

Let me know if my little piggy is the only one here, but when he was tiny and kept his fists balled up, they'd somehow mysteriously end up full of lint. I got loads of sick pleasure out of picking it all from between his fingers. Toes also get extra love whenever he wears socks.


3. Nail dirt

Another mystery- how does a baby who's never been in dirt somehow still end up with it under his finger and toenails?!? Nevertheless, I'm guilty of enjoying digging it out way too much during Noah's weekly mani/pedi.

4. Poop

This is especially true for new mamas! Those first few days, when baby goes the number of times she's supposed to, you never thought you'd be so happy to see poo in your life. But hey, it means everything is working! And then there's all the fun colors you get to look out for. Speaking of poop, there's also...


5. A good wipe

Sometimes you're on the go, and sticking baby in the bathtub just isn't an option, which is why some genius invented wipes. And when you get a mess out of all those sneaky folds, you can't help but look proudly upon your cutie's clean bum. You should probably refrain from holding the soiled wipe up in victory, though.

6. The satisfaction at the end of a successful booger hunt

In case it's not yet been established, babies are just gross, man. Every so often, they'll get a very persistent bat in the cave. I'm guilty of triumphantly exclaiming, "Yes!" more than once when getting a pesky nose nugget out of my guy's nostrils.


7. Sniffing

Sometimes, it's cute. You're just inhaling that yummy baby smell, whether it's lavender shampoo, or you're being a good Cuban and dousing baby in Agustin Reyes' Agua de Violetas. Most of the time, though, you're probably sniffing your sweetie's feet in play or doing a diaper check. And even if it's a little rank, you know you can't help but come back for a whiff or two more!

8. Wet diapers

I will admit this is unique to Pampers brand for me, and is wearing off a bit with age, but since the first one I changed at the hospital, I found that these nappies had a sweet scent to them that I sort of loved, and I know I'm not alone on this one! Sarah Jessica Parker went on record, too.

Did I miss anything? Fess up, mama! Leave your favorite gross baby stuff in the comments below.

Happy mommin'!