We <3 WubbaNubs!

Checking in with another life changing, life saving product today. WubbaNubs are everything. Can I get an amen? These cute pacifiers with an even cuter name will change your baby raising game and melt your heart at the same time.

I have been extremely lucky to have Noah be a baby that very easily took a pacifier. He uses it to soothe himself, and thankfully thus far isn’t showing any signs of dependence on it. Once he’s chilling, he pops pacifiers right out of his mouth. Unfortunately, sometimes he’d do the same thing while sleeping before he had managed to put himself all the way down. Enter WubbaNubs!

The magic of the WubbaNub lies in the adorable plush the soothie pacifier comes attached to. These mini plushes are not only perfect for little arms to snuggle, but also lightly weighted in order to keep the pacifiers in or near baby’s mouth so that if it is dropped, it’s easy for baby to find again on his own. Our cousin Candace was the first to tell us that the WubbaNub had saved many a nap for her and her baby boy, Lucas. This seemed downright genius to me, so when Noah was still in the belly, I put their Brown Puppy pacifier on our baby registry. Of course, there was one waiting for us at the bottom of our gift bag from Candace. I was so excited to capture cuddles with it once Noah arrived!

I cannot count the number of meltdowns that have been avoided by the WubbaNub. It saved us during long days and nights through Noah’s newborn stage, lunch and dinner dates out with friends & family and car rides that lasted just a little too long. Because I am nursing, I was really worried about introducing it in the beginning at the risk of nipple confusion. We started with Tommee Tippee pacifiers, the same as our bottles, but they would constantly fall out of Noah’s mouth just as he was falling asleep and he’d wake himself right back up, crying. I reached a breaking point and threw caution to wind. The WubbaNub was in my little guy’s mouth in no time, and he was out like a light! These pacifiers were here to stay, and thankfully, there were no issues switching between any of his pacifiers and the breast, so we were golden!

Aside from all of its soothing wonders, the WubbaNub plushes come in a pretty wide variety of precious selections, from pink owls and giraffes to tiny foxes and penguins. Lucas and Noah both have Green Frogs, but there are plenty of choices for boys and girls alike, as well as gender neutral selections. They’re all adorable, and they all work the same magic! You can’t go wrong with any.


WubbaNubs are currently recommended for babies from 0-6 months, as they are not orthodontic or recommended for teething stages. We are sadly close to outgrowing ours, but still so worth having in the early months! They are latex-, BPA-, and Phthalate-free and made of silicone that is medical-grade. Their site recommends washing in a mesh laundry bag on the gentle cycle, but we have had no issues with washing it loose with Noah’s laundry on a regular cycle. Air drying is also suggested. You can purchase them from loads of brick and mortar retailers, as well as through Amazon and direct from the WubbaNub website.

I hope that you’ll consider giving WubbaNubs a try or adding one to your own registry if you’re a mommy to be. They made our lives so much easier, and I know they can do the same for you & your baby!

Happy mommin’! (: