24 Things Hot Mess Moms Do Every Day

Anyone else totally guilty of being the last mom in this video? My kid doesn't even go to school. He doesn't even walk. But since Noah was born, I'm pretty sure I haven't managed to be on time to a single event. Granted, I didn't have the best track record before him, but I went from arriving within the acceptable 15 minute window to a minimum half hour late, all the time. It's awful. I'm guilty of lots of the other faux pas seen in the video, and I know I'm not alone. So here's a little list to enumerate and celebrate all the crazy things that make us hot mess moms... Us.

1. Oversleep.

"Is that today?!"

"Is that today?!"

2. Wear the same outfit you wore yesterday because nobody saw you in it.

"Smells fine!"

"Smells fine!"

3. Rock the messy bun.


4. Lose the keys… At least twice.


5. Skip the make up.


6. Spill the coffee.

7. Realize you are wearing spit up.


8. Roll up late.

9. Forget to put proper shoes on.

10. Forget to defrost the chicken.


11. Forget a dirty diaper somewhere in the house.


12. Or the car.

13. Leave clean, folded laundry piled on the couch.

14. Leave clean, folded laundry sitting in the laundry basket.

laundry 2.gif

15. Leave clean, folded laundry pretty much anywhere except the drawer that it should be in.

laundry 3.gif

16. Wonder how long something has been under the couch.


17. Let babe hang out in his diaper all day.

"You've got the rest of your life to wear clothes..."

"You've got the rest of your life to wear clothes..."

18. Forget you already defrosted the chicken and it's sitting in your sink.

"Well, I already ordered takeout, sooo..."

"Well, I already ordered takeout, sooo..."

19. Forget to shower.

forgot shower.gif

20. Purposely forget to shower.

"Sleep or shower? Is that even a real question?"

"Sleep or shower? Is that even a real question?"

21. Wonder how that stain happened.

22. Sniff something in the dish washer.

cup sniff.gif

23. Or the washing machine.


24. Mutually hate and love yourself in a repetitive cycle.


All joking aside, sometimes as moms, we can be pretty hard on ourselves. We wear a lot of hats, and it's perfectly human not to have it all together all the time. We are each uniquely equipped to be the moms our kids need us to be, strengths and weaknesses and all. So whether you're a hot mess or not, cheers for being a mom. You show up to your job every day. No vacation days, no sick days, and no salary (just great benefits like smiles, hugs, kisses, snuggles, etc). You rock those PJ pants, girl!

Happy mommin'!