Homegood Hacks

This is probably incredibly obvious to more experienced or old school moms out there, but I have just recently learned how easy it can be to entertain a baby using what you already have laying around the house. Sometimes a toy just doesn't do the job. It might get harder once he’s older, but right now Noah does not discriminate much in regards to what he finds entertaining; pretty much any novelty will do to pass the time! I find myself always packing 3-4 small toys when we’re on the go, but every so often I’ll forget to grab some, or he’d rather explore something new, and necessity has become the mother of invention. Below I’m listing some of our favorite new “toys” that aren’t really toys and are definitely things you already have at home, in the car, in your diaper bag or at a restaurant to keep little hands and minds busy.*


The only baby-safe utensil will keep your little one entertained, trying to figure out his reflection.


Dirty or clean, hand some to baby while sorting or folding to keep her busy.

Rolled up socks

Soft and sized for little hands to practice rolling and passing hand-to-hand.

Sugar packets

Out at dinner last week, Noah was not having his soft book or Mickey Mouse toys. His Aunt Claudette (who is a gifted pediatrician I must add) propped him up on the table and pulled some sugar packets he was pawing at out for him. Baby was chatty and rattling them waiting for dessert to come all the way until the checks were paid. Genius and handy at most any restaurant!

Combs & brushes


Just look out for the teeth!

Pots & pans

Baby's first drum set, of course. Noise complaints are sure to ensue, but so are adorable smiles.

Baby wipes

Maybe my kid is the only one, but if I don't have anything else on hand, I can count on the crinkling sounds of wipe packaging to keep him busy for ages.


Soft, bumpy textures are fun for littles to explore.

Cream tubes

Make sure caps are screwed tight!


These will be a favorite for years to come. Now they're fun for making noise and object permanence games, but they'll be great tools for pretend play with toddlers, as well!

Bed sheets & blankets


Peek-a-boo, anyone?

These are just a few of the favorite home goods we've discovered! Noah is just reaching the age of getting into everything, so I'm sure there are plenty more new finds on the horizon. What are some of your baby's favorite household items to play with? Share in the comments below!

Happy mommin'!

*Please note that because these are not dedicated toys and don't necessarily adhere to safety standards, you MUST closely observe and stay within arms length while baby plays with these items for safety purposes.