Latin Lovin' Lullabies!

Guys, I seriously just dropped everything to write this blog post, because I am SO HERE FOR THIS! As a Latina, I constantly keep eyes and ears peeled for new ideas on how to incorporate my culture into raising our little guy. As the wife of a musician and music producer, and someone who completely envies anyone and everyone with any sort of musical ability, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to also infuse music into Noah's everyday life, it being such a big part of my husband's and mine. So imagine my excitement upon hearing that Marc Anthony has released a record of his greatest hits for babies (thanks mitú!). Yes, you read that correctly; Marc Anthony for babies, y'all!

Like I said, SO HERE FOR THIS! I hopped right over to Apple Music (which is already streaming it, as are Spotify and Google Play) to give it a listen, and it is so fabulous. The record is comprised of lullaby style covers of Marc's greatest hits, spanning his career from No Me Ames to La Gozadera, and I've got nothing but love for it. It's unique from so many other baby lullaby albums, in the instrumentation, especially.

Some seldom heard instruments are given starring roles on the tracks; the clarinet is front and center on Ahora Quien, brass carries the melody in No Me Ames, and the flute steals the show on Valió la Pena. These sounds are such a rare treat in lullabies and baby music and bring such a fun, playful tone and bounce to these covers, while still maintaining a soothing rhythm to lull babes to sleep. If you're more the classic, timeless route in your music tastes, the record still has something to offer you and your little one with plenty of sweet nylon string guitar tunes, like the soft & romantic sounds of Tu Amor Me Hace Bien (my personal favorite). Add lots of precious sound effects like pops and smooches and you've got a recipe for serious catchiness and cuteness. You'll hardly be able to keep yourself from singing along, but you definitely will because your tot will probably knock right out. Not to mention that if baby manages to stay awake, and you're looking to get in that Spanish like I am, it's perfect for singing along to your little one.

Out so cold, sweet daydreams wanna find me

Out so cold, sweet daydreams wanna find me

I hope you'll enjoy Marc Anthony for Babies as much as we are at the moment. It's a fixture in the car! We just spent all afternoon cruising to it on our FIRST TRIP TO DISNEY with baby
(so many blog posts in the near future)!!! (: Noah slept 3.5 of the four hour drive from Miami to Kissimmee to this fabulous soundtrack.

Thanks for sticking with us through our short hiatus to mourn the loss of our fur baby, Skillet, and for this mama to finish out the school year strong upon my return to work. We missed you and are so excited to be back and create lots of exciting content this summer!

Happy jammin'!

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