Mom Bods

Summer is here (and so is winter, AMIRITE? But that's another story). Alas, it is finally and officially that time of year so many women dread for a myriad of reasons, most of which can be credited to one particular article of clothing: the swimsuit. 

You don't have to be a mom to dread swimsuit season. These torture devices are designed to make us all hate ourselves and feel self-conscious regardless of age, body type or style, right? There must be some secret recipe out there that all bathing suit companies are sharing when making them, which must vary from a pinch to a heaping 3 cups of misery. That, or I care too much what people think. 

But let's put aside the dread for one second, because we have a lot to celebrate, ladies. Our bodies and curves are beautiful, each in their own unique ways, and if we can't embrace them, then who will? Yes, this just turned into one of those corny self-love posts, because regardless of their flaws, our bodies are incredible machines. Whether you've already done so or not, girl, your body is AMAZING because it was made to be a vessel of life. Even if you choose never to become a mother, your body has power that no man's was made with, and that's one heck of a reason to love it. And even if your body never fulfills its baby-making potential, it's still uniquely yours, the vessel for who you are, with your own unique gifts & talents and your own way to breathe life into those around you.

If like me, you've already become a mother, your body carries some sort of scar from it. A mom bod is never the same as it was before mommyhood. Maybe you have stretch marks. Maybe you're still carrying your baby weight, newborn or 5 year old in tow. Maybe your breasts are disproportionate to the rest of you because of nursing, even though it might have helped you get back in shape (or maybe didn't). Maybe like me, you're rocking a C-section scar, small and southern-most as it may be. Whatever the change in your body, however unpleasant it may be, as this difficult time of year approaches, remember that your body, with all of its flaws, is a miracle maker. Growing, carrying and bringing a baby into this world is no easy feat; regardless of its current state, your body did that, and that alone is a reason to celebrate it. Sure, motherhood has given me whole new reasons to be self-conscious, but it's also given me new reasons to love the skin I'm in, and that's kinda beautiful.

So whether you choose to rock a one-piece, bikini, monokini, tankini or no-eenie-'cause-it's-too-teeny, be proud of the body that made your baby (or babies). Be proud of the body that one day will. Be proud of the body that can, but maybe never will. Regardless of your reproductive choices, your body is the one you've been given and it's a body that is special, any way you look at it. 

Happy swimmin'!