Making a Habit of Passion

If you’re reading this, congratulations may be in order. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so if you’re still clinging to those New Years’ Resolutions, you might just be able to say you made it through the rough patch and made a big lifestyle change. I know I finally have!

There has always been a list of at least a million and one things I wish that I could do or find the time to do. I spend what seems like hours every week browsing other people’s feeds and wishing I could take pictures that nice, browsing home decor inspiration and wishing I had the eye, pinning fun activities to do with my son or my students and wishing I was crafty enough to come up with them on my own. Isn’t that all of us sometimes, though? I know I can’t be the only one feeling like I spend way too much time wondering why I can’t be as good at something as someone else.

I feel like I’m finally hitting a personal turning point when it comes to this. As I welcome 2018, and prepare to enter my late twenties this year, it really feels like something has clicked, because I don’t need to wish I could do all of those things. I can do all of those things. The people who are killing the game doing all these amazing, creative things like turning a sugar cookie into a still life painting or a gallon of milk and a paper towel tube into a toy guitar didn’t come to achieve these things overnight; they dedicated themselves to their passion, their craft, and put in the time to learn and master the skills required. It’s such a simple thing to grasp. “Practice makes perfect” is one of the oldest principles in the book, but it feels like I’ve just now reached the point in my life where I can truly understand what that means, that it takes time to become an expert at anything, and that I can do all of these things if I want to, but it most certainly won’t happen over night. The masters of these practices haven’t done them once or twice, or for three weeks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the people who excel at certain things are those who have been doing them for years. Maybe I lacked the patience or the experience to understand the concept when I was younger, but now I see it so clearly.

I am not a resolution person, but I love to start the year out with goals: short term goals, long term goals, family goals, financial goals, as well as personal, work and leisure goals. So this year, my big personal goals are to work on the crafts that most interest me. That includes setting aside more time to prioritize Dumpy Diapers, which I love doing so much. Sharing with and educating new and fellow moms is a passion I discovered almost as soon as I became one, and Dumpy Diapers is the way I primarily do that. I’ve also taken up brush lettering, something I’ve been wanting to learn for about a year or so and that I’ve finally decided to dedicate time to. I want to get better in the kitchen and memorize a small handful of go-to recipes, both sweet and savory. My husband really lit the fire under my butt for this one, because he gave me my dream Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for Christmas (and yes, I totally cried when I opened it). I also want to put all of these things to work to make me a better and more fulfilled mom. I don’t want them to compromise or overshadow my quality time with my son, but rather to enhance it. It may look a little different; instead of on the floor of his bedroom with books in our hands, we could be kneading dough on the kitchen counter with sticky fingers and flour in our hair. And it will happen over time, bit by bit, not all at once. It may take all year, and it may take even longer, but at the finish line, it will be so rewarding.

Isn't she lovely? In Pistachio!

Isn't she lovely? In Pistachio!

I’ve wanted to do these things for years, but the difference I’ve truly felt as 2018 begins is that I have finally accepted that these things won’t come “por arte de magia” as we say in Spanish (by the art of magic). If I truly want to accomplish these things, it means putting in the time, doing the work, putting down the phone or hitting pause on Netflix. I may have just reached the age in my life where that’s okay; in fact, that’s great. This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, or my K-drama of the month aren’t going anywhere, but time is, and I’ve finally come to a moment in my life where I’m ready to prioritize the things I want to love and learn to do over what is easier to do. Maybe it’s because I’m older, or maybe it’s because now I know I have an example to set as a mama, but it feels a lot simpler to start new things than it ever has before. And it feels really good.

So here’s to 2018, friends. May it be a great year for us all. May this be the year that we pursue the things we love, prioritize the things that matter, and grow into the people we want to be. Cheers!

Happy goal trackin’!

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