Mom's Fave Monday: Sleep Hacks for All Ages

Let’s be real, parent or not, there isn’t a single (adult) soul I’ve ever heard say, “Nah, I don’t need more sleep!” We are all sleep deprived for one reason or another; insomnia, potty training puppies, teething babies, or good ol’ fashioned heartburn that comes with pregnancy or aging are just a few of the common culprits that keep us up at night. So here are a few of my favorite hacks to improve the quantity and quality of our rest at night (even the tiniest member of our family).


1. Late Night Showers (or Baths)


This may be counterproductive for some who are invigorated by showers, but personally, I find nothing more relaxing than running a really warm shower or bath right before bedtime. After all, it’s where many of us do our best thinking! Why not get all those thoughts out before climbing into bed, so that they don’t haunt us on our pillows? Not to mention that there’s no better feeling than crawling under the covers squeaky clean. After a long day, there’s nothing I look forward to more than unwinding under that hot running water once everyone has been fed, the baby is in bed and I finally have a little time to myself. It’s definitely a part of my son’s bedtime routine, too, with a little help from the next item on the list.


2. All Lavender Everything

The baby gets a bath with lavender soap and the grown ups get a spritz of lavender pillow mist. Every. Night. I’m not an essential oil person, but if I was I’m sure we’d go through gallons of lavender oil. It’s such a soothing and relaxing scent that can bring a busy mind going a mile a minute right down to a dull hum. There have been several nights where my husband and I have been restless and a middle-of-the-night lavender spritz has been the only thing to help us get to sleep. Can’t live without it!

3. Warm Milk (or Tea)

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It works for babies! Whether yours is still nursing or drinks from a bottle, I’ve known most babies to go down without a fight with warm milk to soothe them into slumber. So why wouldn’t it work for grown-ups, too? Of course, if you’re like me, dairy may have gotten hard on your digestive system with age, so there’s always a warm cup of tea to lull yourself into a sleepy state.


4. Baby Breathing Monitor

Any parent, old, new, or soon-to-be can agree that nothing stresses you out about sleep more than worrying that your baby is still breathing while they’re doing it. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is a real and legitimate fear for new parents, and stressing about whether or not your baby is getting enough oxygen is a serious sleep deterrent for any parent.
Enter fabulous wearable baby breathing monitors, like the Owlet or the MonBaby Monitor, to keep track of baby’s breathing for you. Monitors like these let you know if and when baby is awake and active or at rest with motion sensors. The Owlet tracks heart rate, while the MonBaby tracks breathing. I’d like to take a minute to tell you a little bit more about the MonBaby Monitor.


The MonBaby Monitor is a wireless baby monitor which attaches to any of baby’s regular clothing, such as a onesie or pajama, with a snap clasp on the chest and tracks baby’s breathing by detecting the rise and fall of the chest. Another feature of the MonBaby is a roll over detector to help keep you informed of baby’s position so you can keep her on her back. The best part is that all of this links to an app which does all the tracking for you and alerts you if it detects any abnormalities or changes in baby’s breathing. I can’t think of a better way to use our phones which we always have at hand!

Another awesome bonus- the MonBaby is great for crawlers & beginning walkers as you can set it to alert you if baby is getting out of your proximity while you are busy cleaning up or working from home. It can even be helpful with toddlers transitioning from cribs to bed with a fall detector; it’s a product that can be useful for more than just the first few months of parenthood!


Monitors like the MonBaby are serious lifesavers- literally for babies should one ever end up in a scary situation, and for parents alike, knowing that while you sleep, you can rely on awesome technology to monitor your baby and alert you should anything go wrong. And that is why I’m so excited to be able to team up with MonBaby to give away one of these monitors! If you just want to skip the giveaway and purchase a MonBaby Monitor for yourself, I have a hack for that, too. ;) At checkout on, use the discount code ihelpmoms and you'll get $30 off the retail price for a great deal! But if you're in the mood for a freebie (and who wouldn't be?) keep reading for further details!


5. A Relaxing Book


Reading a book each night is my little guy’s favorite part of bedtime routine, and what’s not to like? A little time to unwind with a soothing favorite story or a new adventure can quiet the minds of kids and parents alike, and provide a great opportunity for bonding while promoting literacy. Again, I repeat, what’s not to like?! And as a busy adult, whether you have children to read to or not, it’s always difficult to find the time to do things for yourself. I personally love reading, but hardly find the time to do it just for me. It’s something I really want to get better about making time for, because it’s a better habit to wind myself down for bed than just watching TV until I fall asleep on the couch, staring mindlessly at the screen.

So there you have it! These are my favorite hacks to get myself and my guys in the zone for a good night’s rest. What are your favorite bedtime routines/hacks? I would love you to leave me a comment below! It’s part of your entry if you’re still reading for MonBaby Monitor details. ;)

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Happy snoozin'!

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