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Head-to-Head: Medela vs. Motif

Chore does not even begin to describe what a pain pumping is! Add to the fact that with all the different types of pumps on the market, you may end up with something that isn’t the best fit for your lifestyle, and you’ve got a real recipe for trouble. 

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Sugar Stinkies Solved: The Brushies!

Since starting solids in particular, I've noticed that my son's gummy, little toothless mouth is now devoid of the sweet milk scent which once lingered. I figured it was time to start brushing those gums to clear away any lingering food, sugar or stench.

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Head-to-Head: Bumbo Multi-Seat vs. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Sitting was a huge milestone for us, because it meant being able to transition our fussy guy out of his stroller and into a high chair for mealtimes on-the-go. Needless to say, I was ready to get baby sitting up and wanted him to get practice and develop the skill quickly.

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